#10 Trailblazing Recovery: A Case Study of the First Fish De-Listing Ever


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A conversation with biologists Brian Bangs and Chris Allen about a pioneering success story recovering the once Endangered Oregon Chub. The Oregon Chub was de-listed in 2015 - the first fish ever removed from the federal Endangered Species Act list.

Brian is a native fish biologist and Oregon Chub project lead for ODFW. Chris Allen is an endangered species biologist and recovery project leader with the USFWS in Oregon.

Brian and Chris discuss various native freshwater fish species of conservation concern, the Oregon Chub project, and their trailblazing efforts to achieve de-listing.

For more information about the Oregon Chub:

USFWS website for Oregon Chub:


ODFW website for Oregon Chub:


If you are interested in Oregon Chub conservation on your land Contact info: Brian Bangs, ODFW biologist: brian.bangs@oregonstate.edu, 541-757-5080 photos courtesy of Freshwaters Illustrated

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