You Have To Do What You Love with Donald Corry


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By every stretch of the imagination, Donald Corry has had an interesting career. After graduating from The Citadel, he served as a military intelligence officer and upon completion of active duty, began to carve himself a career in enterprise sales with Blackbaud. After a few years, Donald decided to work as a financial advisor with Edward Jones. In this episode of the Noob School, Donald and John talk about key lessons learned during his sales career, and why after so many years, he’s still working on doing what he truly loves to do.


  • From military intelligence to software sales and financial services
  • If they're not ready for your product, just walk away
  • The intricacies of selling to the federal government
  • How to overcome the worst sales objection
  • You need to do something you love


Donald on why he doesn't do that many follow up calls anymore: "What I started to realize — I call it the ketchup call: 'Hey, just calling to catch up, see how you we're doing.' I realize that all it does is to elongate the process, I don't need to be their friend. If they got a problem, I can help."

Donald on the importance of knowing when to walk away: "That was the 'aha moment' for me in inside sales. It's your ability to say no. Because you're saving your time, you're saving a false forecast. There's another opportunity out there, you just got to go and find it."

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