The Most Adaptable Man in Business with Adam Fineberg


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Just like in nature, the business world favors those that can adapt quickly to ever-changing conditions. In this episode of the Noob School, our host John Sterling talks to Adam Fineberg, the founder of Rock My Resume, Jackson Square Company, and Grow BPO.

All in all, Adam has lived in eight different countries, adjusting his management skills and sales chops to different cultures. When cancer forced him to slow down, Adam returned to the US to settle down and founded his own business, only to be forced to adapt once again by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adam talks about finding your passion, and being flexible enough to adopt new ones if the situation requires you to pivot to another. From being a door-to-door seller in Buffalo to working as a CEO in Sofia, Bulgaria and finally founding his companies, Adam continues to acquire new skills and following where there is demand.


  • The 3 companies that take up Adam's time
  • Door-to-door selling in wintry Buffalo, New York
  • Jump to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange then Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Fight with cancer, getting fired, jumping around countries and jobs
  • Return to the US and setting up businesses
  • Tips for finding your first sales job
  • Little things can change the course of your life


What Adam learned from his first sales job as a door-to-door salesperson: "Just because you got a no, doesn't mean the next person is going to say no. I think that a lot of people get discouraged very easily. But if you understand how to take no and use that to motivate you to get the next yes is a huge and very important lesson to learn in sales."

Adam's number one tip for first-time job hunters: "Find something that you're passionate about. Find something that you believe in the cause because a big part of selling is transferring that certainty to your prospect."

Adam on being flexible and adapting to market conditions: "An end goal is always important to have. But also, understanding that in life, there's so many variables that are involved and your passion is one of them, but also just the world market is another."

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