Sell Like Your Scratching Lottery Tickets: Just Get More


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In this episode of the Noob School podcast, John talks about taking the pressure of closing a deal off from a seller's back by thinking of it as a game of lottery. If you don’t win, just get more tickets. You don’t control whether or not a customer really needs your product or service, so make sure that pipeline is filled and flowing.


  • There should be no pressure to close a deal
  • Never persuade customers to buy something they don't need
  • Selling is like a lottery ticket: it's either there or it's not


John on selling like you’re just scratching a lottery ticket: "If you were given a lottery ticket, and said this is the lottery ticket for this particular sale, that means that even though the card is not scratched off yet, it's already predetermined if the customer is gonna buy or not. So why are we all getting weird about whether or not we're gonna get an order? It's either there or it's not there."

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