Hate Small Talk? Do It Anyway


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In this episode of the Noob School podcast, our host John Sterling talks about the 3-Foot Rule and why you should practice talking to people, even if it can feel a bit awkward at first. The trick is to get used to doing it so that you’re prepared when an opportunity presents itself, three feet away from you.


  • The 3-Foot Rule, explained
  • Why it's good to practice your conversational skills
  • You never know who you'll meet


The 3-Foot Rule according to John: "If you come within three feet of somebody, you want to come up with some quick way to open. Say your name. Get their name. Ask them what they do. Tell them what you do, and the intention is twofold. One is, you want to find out what they're into, tell them what you're into. And quickly, I mean very quickly, figure out, ‘Is there something here where I could help you, or is there something there where you can help me?’"

On why you want to be practicing your conversational skills, according to John: "When you run across the right person that is in fact the million-dollar customer who does need your stuff, then you want to have your act together. You don't want to be stumbling and bumbling when you are talking to the right person."

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