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In this episode of the Noob School, our host John Sterling talks about improving your mental health the way you would with your physical body: cut back on the junk. Whereas you would get rid of junk food and other unhealthy foods in your pantry and fridge to cut back on weight, so you should delete all the news apps on your phone.

You can still watch the news on tv the way you can still order fast food if you really want to, but not having them on your phone makes it easier for you to maintain control.


  • A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy food
  • For your mind's sake: don't have news apps on your phone
  • Media companies are just out to sell your attention


John on why you should cut back on listening to the news: "The people that own these news stations, whether it's this one or that one. Somebody, some executive is in charge of the darn thing and they're feeding these folks stuff to say and trying to get our attention so they can sell ads and make money."

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