FAVOR FORTUNES THE BOLD: Exciting Opportunities In Cryptocurrency with Todd and Brooks Taylor from Trident Digital


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In this episode of the Noob School podcast, John Sterling talks to Todd and Brooks Taylor from Trident Digital about the exciting opportunities available in the cryptocurrency space. As people with very strong finance backgrounds, Todd and Brooks come with significant experience, and provide value to investors through their ability to identify, diligence, and access superior investment opportunities. Make sure to tune in until the end to learn how you can apply for a job with Trident Digital.


  • Don't stay in one job your whole life
  • In some ways, joining big companies can be riskier than small ones
  • Look for a job that you truly enjoy, even if it's from a small company
  • Not all good ideas need to be unique, you just have to execute better
  • From newsletters and print media to blockchain financing
  • Getting into Blockchain financing and the opportunities in the space
  • The ups and downs of working with cryptocurrency
  • What it takes to get hired as a seller for Trident Digital


Todd on the risk of joining a big company straight out of college: "People misunderstood risk. I think one of the riskiest things in the world is to join a big company of which you're never going to or very rarely climb the ranks to the CEO of a Fortune 100 company. And then those folks have to make decisions on teams that they've never met, on macroeconomic movements that you can't control."

Brooks on why they started Trident Digital: A lot of people can recognize the promise of the technology. But there's also so much noise around it, and there's a lot of fluff particularly in the up markets. So we thought we could help cut through the noise. And really what we're adding is we're gaining access to opportunities, diligence them, and then we're just... people know they can trust us and are investing with us."

How Trident Digital is providing value in the crypto space, says Todd: "The technology is growing, there's a huge opportunity to ride this technological growth but number one, invest with people that have a track record in integrity matters. We think we know that we check that box. Second is access. That was something that I had hoped we could deliver upon. Our other partner Festus Turlington who's out doing access things today which really creates values."

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