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In this episode of the Noob School podcast, John’s brother Jack Sterling comes back to talk about his journey from the Navy Seals to sales. Jack recounts the discomfort that he experienced during his first attempts at selling, the mentors who helped him along the way, and the skills he acquired to find success in the field. Now an entrepreneur, Jack recognizes the necessity of knowing how to sell in starting a business, even if you’ll be hiring sellers down the road.


  • 'Uncomfortable' transition from the Navy Seals to sales
  • All founders need to be good with sales
  • No such thing as the "right" path to success
  • A blueprint for success is helpful, but not essential


Jack on why all founders need to be adept sellers: "It doesn't matter what the business is. When you start something, if you're the founder, you have to be good at sales. Like Facebook. Zuckerberg. He had to sell that to some people at some point, right? To get people to buy in, to get some momentum and start gaining customers."

Jack's opinion on what would have made learning sales a little easier for him: "I had a lot of leash. I was just there, just freewheeling on my own. And I appreciated it and I still do. But I think if I had a little bit more marching orders and a little bit less free time to do whatever I wanted with, I think I would have been a little more [successful] early on."

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