A Masterclass In Securing A Sales Job with Greg Gardner


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In this episode of the Noob School podcast, John Sterling is joined by his old friend and colleague, currently the Director of Partner Sales at Appian Corporation, Greg Gardner. The duo talk about their good ol’ days at DataStreams, and what Greg has been up to since he left the company. What follows is a veritable masterclass on choosing what sales job you want to do, and several tips on how to get that job too.


  • Making it easier for organizations to build unique apps fast with Appian
  • Winners look at the chaos and create order out of it
  • A look back at John and Greg's early days at DataStream
  • The value of recording and listening to your own calls
  • The power of storytelling in sales
  • Look for companies that you want to work for
  • Understand yourself and the way you do your best work
  • Work with people who compliment your unique gifts and skills
  • What does your best day look like?
  • Developing curiosity and knowing how to ask good questions
  • Where music and sales meet


Greg on always looking for ways to make things work: "There's always an opportunity. There's an opportunity within the business to make it better. There's an opportunity for individual people to take a step up during these times. When something unplanned hits, you always have an opportunity to step in somewhere."

Why you need to learn storytelling in sales, says Greg: "In my opinion, I think one of the key things that a noob can do is learn stories. Be able to recite them. You could actually wake up at 3 am and recite five stories for different verticals, different industries or what have you. I would've spent all my time doing that instead of worrying about whether I was gonna know the answer to some technical question."

Greg's tip on deciding the company and kind of sales job you like doing: "Sometimes you need to not think of it in terms of I want to work for this company or this industry and I want to be in this position. Think about, okay, what do your best days look like? When you really feel like you're engaged and living life to the fullest, what does that look like? Do you enjoy being around people, or do you enjoy more, working in solitude, like a programmer or something like that?"

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