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Brian Kelly aka The Points Guy has become one of the top influencers and experts in the travel and hospitality space. Anyone in my close circle knows how passionate I am about travel, my first true love, and my borderline obsession w points. I think I’ve visited 21 countries now and wouldn’t be surprised if guy’s been to the remaining 175.

Brian’s quickly become the go-to-guy when it comes to the Points Game - using lucrative credit card signup bonuses and strategic travel to accrue rewards points that can be redeemed for free trips. For those that play (like me) it’s a legit hobby we take very seriously and all I wanted to do was share my proudest points trips and use up all the recording time.

Brian and I decided to throw the standard interview script out the window and “just have a real conversation” so we could relish in gushing about our passion for travel, revisit some memorable experiences, and chat about the healing power of animals and our shared Pennsylvania roots. And now after our convo, I’m back to planning my Japan trip again, cancer be damned - I might just need to wrangle up a tour guide.




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