Episode Twenty Seven - Ambitious Kickstarters with Bad Rulebooks


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Ah, rulebooks. Don’t you just love sitting down with a cup of hot beverage and an arcane manual written by what you assume is a “game wizard” and spend four hours of your day trying to understand what exactly phrases like “spend your faucet token to activate the hyrdraulics action space” actually mean, to only inevitably give up and desperately search YouTube for a Watch it Played video? Well, this episode of the No Pun Included podcast is delivered to you by this exact feeling. Not all games in today’s episode have bad rulebooks - but the ones that do excel at it. Timestamps: Sheepy Time - ( 04:00 ) Beast - ( 18:21 ) The Great Wall - ( 40:19 ) For more of the No Pun Included podcast visit https://nopunincluded.com/podcast where you can leave a comment if you'd like to discuss any of the games featured in this episode, or any terrible rulebooks you've encountered in your life.

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