Episode #217 It's Not That Type Of Party (Will Sylvince and Napoleon Emill)


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(This week on No Need For Apologies we are joined by Wil Sylvince and Napoleon Emill! They discuss why avacado is better than cheese, how Wil became the master of his own mind, why there are no cheat codes in life, silk scarves vs. durags, what makes the American flag scary, the complications of being celibate, Wil's first and last time lying to his mom, the day that went down in waterpark infamy, and much more! I know we say this every week, but this a WILD ONE you dont wanna miss! )


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Comedians Dave Temple and Derek Gaines are two Opinionated, Argumentative, Best Friends who love getting their points across; even if they’re entirely wrong. Listen to these two goofballs discuss various topics ranging from Pop Culture to what’s going on in their personal life and break them down in an unapologetic fashion.

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