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After many years and many episodes under your belt, who is your audience? Who should you direct the next episode towards? Should it be the longtime listener that's been there since day one? Or should you hone in on the first-time listener? The one that might need their hand held a bit to really understand what's going to happen here?

Josh Tapp is a young, curious and driven young man out to make it on his own. His chosen medium, podcasting. Four years ago, fresh out of college in Idaho, and newly married, Josh decided to jump full-time into entrepreneurship without a parachute. Fast forward four years, and Josh has interviewed over 750 successful people, from professional athletes to billion-dollar business owners. Originally his objective was to ask them all one thing ... "if you had to start a new company from scratch, what type of business would you build and what is the exact framework you would use to build a thriving brand?" What's not to like about this guy?

In this episode of “No Harm In Asking” Mike and Eric review a number of Josh's recent episodes on marketing, sales and idea formation. How does Josh do grabbing that first-time listener? We also dive into some points about being careful not to over-prepare and come across as scripted.

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