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What a privilege to listen to and review Jason Choi doing his podcast, Blockcrunch, this week. Now in his 5th year of doing the show, Jason is a young man mature beyond his years. But when you’re already an expert, are there “tricks” you can implement in your podcast to showcase your knowledge even more? We believe there are!

The go-to podcast trusted by fund managers, founders and operators in crypto and Web 3, Jason Choi is full-time investor who goes deep weekly into the technology and economics behind blockchain projects with the aim of dissecting trends and themes in a global context.

In this episode Mike and Eric reference a few of our past “No Harm In Asking” podcast reviews to help Jason elevate his expertise and suggest tying in older podcasts to add extra value to his listeners. Specifically we focus on Episode 178, "Why This Top Selling Metal Band is Using NFTs to Engage Fans - Synyster Gates, Lead Guitarist of Avenged Sevenfold".

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