How bad do you want it? Lifestyle by design


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In this episode, we speak to serial entrepreneur Maurice Philogene whose mission is to help people learn to live the lifestyle that they design. We dissected topics ranging from being intentional with what you want, wanting something bad enough that you'll do whatever needs to be done to attain it, and how Multifamily Real Estate provides all of these options.
Maurice is a Senior Executive, Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur, Restaurant Owner, Explorer of 100 Countries, Public Servant (Federal Agent & Police Officer), Philanthropist, and Lifestyle Design/Wealth Coach. He is a Founding Managing Partner of Quattro Capital and his passion is living life leveraging freedom principles - financial freedom, time freedom, geographic freedom, freedom of purpose, and freedom of relationships. He uses real estate and professional careers to generate passive income and build a legacy all while empowering communities and helping others live their best life now through lifestyle design.
Maurice is based in Washington DC and the Mediterranean Region.

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