S2, Ep. 36: From Mexico to Saudi Arabia: A Mid-Year Recap


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A lot has happened for Tim and Eben in recent weeks. Most notably, Tim got Covid – finally. Beyond that, though, the pair have embarked on international travels that have offered fresh perspectives on global gallivants. This week, instead of probing the experiences of someone else, we look inward for a mid-year recap. Tim discusses what it was like traveling to Mexico with his seven-month-old daughter, while Eben recalls the unique experience of traveling in Saudi Arabia. The very different trips, one constant among them is that a good traveler is always prepared for the unexpected.

While Tim recuperates in quarantine back in Colorado, the pair ponder whether or not he acquired Covid in Mexico. If so, that would mean that Tim received a false negative when testing before flying back across the border into the United States – rendering the entire process of pre-flight testing entirely useless. Either way, here’s to a speedy recovery.

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