S2, Ep. 31: The Joys and Pains of Travel With Kids


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Mother’s Day is coming up. For the No Blackout Dates crew, this is a holiday where we celebrate the brave and courageous mothers in our lives. The day is more personal for Monet Hambrick, however – a traveling mother of two who has spent the bulk of the past decade gallivanting across the globe with her family in tow. She’s written a children’s book about her travels and runs the popular blog The Traveling Child to offer advice (and commiseration) to all the aspiring vagabond families out there. Monet joins the show to talk family travel, and if you plan to hit the road with kids – soon or down the line – it’s time to listen to the established expert.

On the docket today are such important how-to’s as how to get your kids through layovers, long-hauls, and customs with as little hassle as possible. Monet also shares insight into what to bring along to make those long travel days easier, and recalls the one time she totally blew it when flying with her kids. Regular listeners know that Tim recently became a parent, so he has a lot to learn – and just in time, as baby Olivia will be boarding a flight to Mexico in T-Minus three weeks. In case you’re wondering, Tim bought his wife Alisha a brand new e-bike for her very first Mother’s Day, so he didn’t blow it, thank you very much.

In Hot Takes, Tim and Eben discuss whether traveling with young children is even worth the hassle, given that they likely won’t even remember what happened. They also discuss traveling with their parents as adults, and what they do and don’t have in common as travelers.

Special Mother's Day shoutouts to our own mothers, Eileen and Lynn.

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