S2, Ep. 30: Photographer Chris Burkard on Risking It All For The Perfect Shot


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To make a living traveling the world, you have to get down to the essentials. Photographer and global explorer Chris Burkard joins No Blackout Dates to discuss how, exactly, he manages to do that. Chris shares insight on everything from what makes a good story to how he packs for expeditions. One constant theme through all of this? Risk management. Through his commercial and travel-based work, including an admittedly large collection of “really bad” photos, Chris has honed in on what it takes to plan and execute extremely dangerous assignments. By taking balanced risks and remaining focused on getting the right shots, he’s progressed his work into one of the world’s most celebrated portfolios of adventure photography. He’s compiled some of the best of that portfolio into his new book, “Wayward.”

In addition to his surf and expedition shooting, Chris has also built a reputation as “that guy that goes to Iceland a lot.” He’s made more than 50 trips there, including a recent winter biking excursion across the entire country from north the south. He’s chronicled his work in, among other ways, a photographic essay book, “At Glacier’s End,” and a short film he produced called “Innur,” which documents the relationship between a father, his son, and Iceland’s toe-chilling surfing culture. He discusses the motivation behind all of this work in today’s episode.

In Hot Takes, Tim and Eben discuss the seesaw relationship between giving and receiving rides to the airport. This leads to a talk on whether or not airport parking is bullsh*t. The pair close with their thoughts on whether or not you’re actually supposed to turn your laptop off during takeoff and landing – and still don’t have a definitive answer.

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