S2, Ep. 29: The Untold Truths of Travel Nursing


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Molly Duane has one of the most important jobs in two industries – she’s a nurse, for one, and a traveling nurse at that, easily catapulting her to the top of the list of who should rightfully get that final standby seat on any packed flight. Her work has taken her from her home in Salt Lake City to rural Montana, Houston’s concrete jungle, and elsewhere around the country on three-to-nine month stints. Molly joins the show today to school Tim and Eben on what it’s like to actually have a job with purpose.

Molly elaborates on how – and why – she goes about choosing the locations where she wants to post up for a few months (the availability of nearby hikes plays a big role). She talks about why it's so hard to find friends and partners when you’re in an out of town so often, why rural nurses are among the nation’s most hardworking professionals, and how travel nursing is a great way to find yourself trying out new activities.

In Hot Takes, the pair break down the ultimate decision one makes in airports – whether to take the escalator or the stairs – and whether or not the “out of office” email is obsolete. Tim shines here as a cardio guy. Eben confesses to being a kids' menu troll, and Tim admits that he’s a show binger (on the rare occasion that he watches TV).

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