S2, Ep. 26: Expatriating And The Life Of An "Orbiting Spouse"


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AJ Kinney coins a new phrase for us on today’s pod. The “orbiting spouse” is someone who moves somewhere because their partner got a sweet job offer – and ends up loving it so much that they full-on expatriate. AJ and his wife moved to Grand Cayman from Minnesota, a sharp lifestyle change from hunting and camping to fishing and fruity cocktails. AJ joins the pod to discuss expat life during Covid and after, what it’s like to live somewhere totally different than everything you’re used to, and how the biggest fish he ever caught didn’t actually qualify as a catch – and we’re sure it’s totally not a myth.

While Eben is out on a film shoot in Saudi Arabia, AJ fills in for Hot Takes – where TSA is discussed at length. We learn that technically, guacamole is a gel, and therefore can’t pass through security, but whole avocados are just fine. Tim explains why his knife set at home is missing one steak knife. And the pair also note their biggest pet peeves at restaurants and why the world would be a better place if everyone had to spend at least one year in the service industry.

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