S2, Ep. 25: The Great Indoors (Greatest Hits Rerun)


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“Gatekeeping” is an unfortunate but common practice in outdoor-centric communities. Comedian Ivy Le is joining us today to discuss how this issue can be addressed. Ivy hosts the podcast FOGO: Fear of Going Outside, one of Spotify’s most popular new podcasts, documenting Ivy’s experience as an avid indoorswoman venturing (reluctantly) into outdoor adventure. Eben and Ivy rebrand camping as “voluntary homelessness” and hiking as simply “walking,” while Tim defends the merits of voluntary homelessness and walking. We also expose the outdoors community as more judgmental than you might think, and learn why some indigenous peoples don’t feel comfortable hiking their own ancestral land.

In Hot Takes, Tim and Eben discuss the differences between Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express. They also discuss their earliest memories and conclude that remembering something at about age two or three is pretty common – smashing Tim’s vision of himself having an above-average memory.

Regular listeners of No Blackout Dates are familiar with Eben’s nonsense ideas for new restaurants. At the top of this episode, he breaks down his classic “zero waste” restaurant idea.

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