S2, Ep. 24: Behind the Hype of WeWork, Remote Work, and Coworking


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To cowork or not to cowork? The pod’s age-old controversial question is finally getting addressed by an expert. We’re learning the truth about whether co-working spaces are bullsh*t or if they actually provide real value to remote workers. Joanne Flynn Black a former WeWork employee who lived through the company’s most turbulent era, is joining us today to talk remote work, online writer communities, and Airbnb hosting. Ever wondered what guest habits really piss off Airbnb hosts? Well, Joanne’s got the scoop.

In Hot Takes, we discuss lost luggage, travel PCR testing, sharing food at restaurants, and Eben’s most recent karaoke experience (hint: it involved a not-so-well-received rendition of “What’s My Age Again?”)

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