S2, Ep. 22: Dispelling Tequila Myths with the Añejo Aficionado


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Rob Gerard is a tequila influencer in the truest sense. As founder of The Tequila Collective, Rob shows off (code phrase for “indulges in”) fine tequilas of all stripes. He has built a following based on his extensive knowledge of the world’s favorite agave liquor, a savant cross between Reposado Recommender and Anejo Assassin. As it turns out, our in-house Duke of Jack Daniels recently visited Tequila, Mexico, and found that despite being a whiskey guy, he’s able to bond with Rob over the watering holes each is familiar with.

On today’s docket is everything tequila – including a breakdown of the different types and what the differences are. Rob debunks the “tequila as a stimulant” myth, and discusses the rumors that tequila causes looser clothes and a worse hangover than other liquors. Rob proves that being an expert connoisseur of an alcoholic beverage can, in fact, provide ample value to a wide audience – as proven by the fact that he frequently gets TikTok messages from shoppers stumped in the aisle at their local liquor store.

In Hot Takes, Tim and Eben discuss the validity of bar games and whether or not Rob is a better form of an influencer than the vain Instagrammers who talk about nothing but themselves. Tim voices his strong opinions about dog owners who approach him when he’s walking his high-anxiety dog, and Eben admits that he doesn’t actually like drinking tequila, even when in a Mexican restaurant.

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