S2, Ep. 21: Traveling Circus -- Life According to a Professional Clown


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No matter what you think of clowns, you likely have no idea what their lifestyle is actually like. From living on a train with Ringling Bros. to performing for kids at a children’s hospital, Joy Powers has done it all on the professional clown circuit. She joins the pod this week to discuss what it’s like to clown for a living.

You’ll learn what it’s like to travel the country as a performing clown and whether or not scary clowns give the rest of the bunch a bad name. Joy talks about common misconceptions of clowns (they don’t all look like the clowns you see at the circus) and how the most rewarding part of her work is cheering up kids that, more than anything else, need a smile.

In Hot Takes, Tim and Eben discuss solo cruising and irrational childhood fears. Vampires did it for Eben, while Tim discusses his terror at being dragged into the Burger King Kids Club. Murder Mystery dinners are also dissected, following Eben’s recent experience.

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