S2, Ep. 20: Booking Travel with Crypto, for Dummies


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You have thoughts on cryptocurrency. Whether your opinion is bullish or bearish, it’s undeniable that the concept of DeFi (decentralized finance) is causing quite a ruckus in the media. How will cryptocurrency impact travel? To find out, we invited Ben Rogers on the show. Ben is the Chief Marketing Officer at Travala, a travel booking website that operates much like Expedia or Booking.com, with one major difference – its customers can pay in crypto.

Ben discusses how cryptocurrency will play a big role in the future of travel, and why Travala and other companies are poised to reshape the industry. But before all that, he breaks down what exactly cryptocurrency and Web3 are, in a manner that even Tim and Eben can understand – so no matter your level of experience with Bitcoin, you’re sure to gain a fresh perspective on one of the most widely misunderstood (and sometimes controversial) topics in modern discourse. You may even be convinced to open a “crypto wallet,” and if so, maybe you can guide Eben through the process.

In Hot Takes, Tim and Eben discuss online travel agencies like Booking and Expedia more broadly, curious as to whether it’s worth it to book through them or through a hotel website directly. Also on the docket are horror movies and the pair’s utter avoidance of them and whether or not pizza can cut it on a fine dining menu.

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