S2, Ep. 17: The Real Heroes of Machu Picchu


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Marinel de Jesus is the type of outdoors-person the world needs more of. As the founder of The Porter Voice Collective, Marinel advocates for porters’ rights in top international trekking destinations including Peru and the Himalayas. She rallies for better working conditions, pay, and even food for the hard-working porters lugging our gear up the world’s highest peaks – and after hearing her speak about the cause you’d be hard-pressed to not want to sign on.

An avid trekker herself, Marinel and the crew dive into packing for treks, including what isn’t necessary to bring along (key takeaway – keep it simple, stupid). They also discuss Marinel’s other project, Equity Global Treks, which highlights long-distance jaunts led by women, for women. The trio also hit on what travelers can do to ensure that porters on their trip are treated fairly, and how to vet a tour company for proper treatment of staff.

In Hot Takes, Tim ponders a digital nomad he met briefly at the Denver airport and wonders aloud if he’s a stalker for continuing to follow this guy on social. Eben makes his case for Dry January being bullsh*t, and the two discuss the pros of ordering two drinks at the same time when at a busy bar.

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