S2, Ep. 16: Running With The Buffalo In Bali


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Marko Randelovic is a documentary filmmaker and photojournalist from the UK whose work focuses heavily on Southeast Asia. Marko joins No Blackout Dates to discuss his new film, Makepung, which debuts on Matador Network on January 12. Makepung tells the story of Bali’s long-running tradition of buffalo racing. That’s right – there’s a dedicated cohort of Balinese who aren’t afraid to hop on a water buffalo and chase speed, glory, and honor. Lest you be worried about animal rights, these water buffalo are among the most cared-for animals on the Indonesian island.

Also on today’s docket is the lifestyle of an international filmmaker. What kept him going throughout a global pandemic that severely restricted his – and everyone else’s – ability to vagabond? He also notes why it's so important to connect with the communities you visit rather than just experience a place through its travel or expat lens. Marko discusses the differences between visiting Canggu and Ubud, and how even the island’s famed beach club scene has a spiritual side.

In Hot Takes, Tim and Eben discuss the merits of Don’t Look Up and debate whether or not Yelp reviews are bullsh*t. Tim wonders what the heck “smart casual” dress means, and Eben admits that he actually does enjoy the outdoors (as long as he’s far from home).

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