S2, Ep. 15: New Year, Same Us: A 2021 Retrospective


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You know those recap episodes your favorite TV show slips in mid-season, because they’re too lazy to put out new content? And you know how you usually skip it? Well, this is our recap episode, but don’t skip it just yet. No Blackout Dates is ringing in 2022 by doing exactly what they say you shouldn’t do in the new year – living in the past. Not only are we reflecting on our favorite episodes of 2021, but also our favorite travel destinations of the past year, and the best books we’ve read. We’re also looking ahead to the travel trends we’d love to see die out in 2022.

And it wouldn’t be a year-end recap without getting a little emo. We have a lot to be thankful for. In 2021, No Blackout Dates partnered with Matador Network and began working with its amazing Studios team to optimize the production of our show. And we heard from many of our listeners about what you like and don’t about No Blackout Dates. Expect much more of the good stuff in 2022.

With that, we raise a toast to you and to a new year of adventure. Get out there and walk 2022’s winding path with gusto.

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