S2, Ep. 13: Interview With A Santa


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Just in time for Christmas, we’re excited to welcome our highest-profile guest to ever appear on No Blackout Dates. That’s right. Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Jolly Saint Nick, the Big Man himself…Santa Claus is here to ring in the holidays.

Tim and Eben hounded the North Pole’s PR office for months to get this interview, and after speaking with Santa for 45 minutes, it’s easy to see why he’s so tough to schedule. The man is busy – producing all those toys, managing crews of elves around the globe, and splitting domestic duties with Mrs. Claus once the working day is through. The guys press Santa on all the things you’ve always wanted to know, including how to get off the naughty list, the craziest things kids ask for, and whether or not the reindeer carrying his sleigh this year are the same nine troopers who’ve been at it since the 1600s. The crew also delves into the ins and outs of Christmas cookies and discusses everything from Santa’s diet to where he vacations once the holiday season is through (hint – Santa tans just like the rest of us).

Ole’ Saint Nick turns out to be exactly how you’ve always imagined him – jolly, genuine, and always down for a good chuckle. For any still in doubt about his existence, just listen to that wicked Nashville accent – who would go out of their way to fake that?

In Hot Takes, Eben discusses his acceptance of Santa Claus as someone who didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas. Tim wonders about the best way to handle awkward encounters with people you didn’t expect to bump into this holiday season. And the guys break down what makes a Christmas movie a Christmas movie (sorry, It’s a Wonderful Life).

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