Leave The Art On The Floor (With Jen & Chris Sugden)


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Zach is out again this week but we’ve pulled in not one but two (three if you count the doggo that trotted up to Sarah’s mic) of our favorite people in podcasting: Victoriocity’s own Jen and Chris Sugden!

First, Gabriel brings us a tale of an aspirational identity swap and we turn it up and add a bunch of twisty layers that culminate in a cross-country road trip to the lights of Vegas. Next, Sarah offers up a particularly silly idea from congress and we turn it into this summer’s next action-packed disaster movie, with trees… on the moon! Then we chat with them about the origins of their podcast Victoriocity, how they work as writing partners, and the refining process to bring an episode from idea to a script in the studio.

Plus: that Midlands energy, 8-10 scientists and politicians in charge of The World, a very grizzled Bruce Willis, pulling a Christopher Nolan and heavy-handed metaphors.

For more top-tier comedy from the Sugdens in your life, check out Victoriocity and follow both Chris and Jen on Twitter!

Today’s Bad Ideas™:

Idea #1

Idea #2

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