Bad Ideas Classic: The C-Span of Knives (With Mark Pagán)


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Gabriel, Zach, and Sarah are taking a quick autumn break this week, but we didn't want to leave you without any No Bad Ideas this week! So check out this old favorite from our archives, featuring our friend Mark Pagán, producer of the podcast Other Men Need Help!

We certainly could use a hand, as Gabriel issues us an idea about a very unconventional way to settle disputes, which leads to a mockumentary of a divorce for the (middle) ages. Then, Sarah shows us a question about one man's quest for a licensing deal that is so strange, we immediately cast Christian Bale.

Plus: 12 Techniques To Win Your Custody Battle In Three Moves Or Less, things that are Game of Thrones' fault, Paul Giamatti’s first Oscar, and the secret ingredient: friendship.

Today’s Bad Ideas:

Idea #1

Idea #2

If you want to follow Mark and his work, you can check out his site at or follow him on Twitter, as well as Other Men Need Help on their site or on Instagram.

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