20. Edible Pokemon ft. Kyle Harper


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This week, host Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) calls up friend of the show Kyle Harper (@kharpermusic) to talk about eating Pokemon! You know, Pokemon, the now 25-year old media franchise about collecting, befriending, and battling cute animals? To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, we did a deep dive into which Pokemon are canonically edible, whether or not it's ethical to eat Slowpoke Tails (and what those kinds of conversations can teach us about international food culture in the real world!), and how to tell if Chansey's eggs are fertilized or not before popping one of those soft-boiled bad boys (soft-boys, for short) into your mouth and gulping it down. We get real weird on this one. You've been warned. You can follow this show on social media @NoBadFoodPod! Check out The Depot! www.depotmtl.org Listen to Debate This! debatethiscast.com Listen to The Ploose is Loose! https://plooseisloose.libsyn.com/ This episode is brought to you in part by Whisky Lane! www.whiskylane.ca SUPPORT THE SHOW! patreon.com/nobadfoodpod MERCH! https://www.teepublic.com/stores/up-for-discusssion?ref_id=2539 Our logo is by David Flamm! Check out his work (and buy something from his shop!) at http://www.davidflammart.com/ Our theme music is "It Takes A Little Time" by Zack Ingles! You can (and should!) buy his music here: https://zackingles.bandcamp.com/ www.upfordnetwork.com Want to send us fan mail? Upford Network ℅ Tom Zalatnai PO Box 22585 Monkland PO Montreal, Quebec H4A 3T4 Canada

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