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Walk 10,000 steps a day! Have you heard that slogan? Today, Yumi talks about how many steps the latest research suggests you should walk and what one should do with conflicting health suggestions.


体(からだ)に良(よ)い good for the body

若(わか)い頃(ころ) youth; when (I) was young

ラジオ局(きょく)に勤(つと)めていた Worked at a radio station

田舎町(いなかまち) country town

階段(かいだん) stairs

健康効果(けんこうこうか)がある have health benefits; effective for health

万歩計(まんぽけい) pedometer

最新(さいしん)の研究(けんきゅう) latest research

イエス様(さま) Jesus

何事(なにごと)も all things; everything; anything

食(た)べ過(す)ぎず飲(の)み過(す)ぎず don't eat too much; don't drink too much

ほどほどに in moderation

本末転倒(ほんまつてんとう) failing to properly evaluate the (relative) importance (of); putting the cart before the horse; getting one's priorities backwards

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