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Living to 100 is becoming more common in Japan. In the 1960s, only a few hundred people were over a hundred. Today, that number is around 80,000. Yumi continues with a few of her thoughts about how she plans to live longer.


保険(ほけん) insurance

漠然(ばくぜん) vague; obscure; hazy

長生(ながい)き long life

金(かね)を貯(た)めてください please save up money

最高齢(さいこうれい) oldest (person); oldest age

認定(にんてい)されています is recognized; is certified

老人福祉法(ろうじんふくしほう) Welfare Law for the Elderly

その頃(ころ) at that time

和食(わしょく) Japanese food; Japanese diet

子育(こそだ)て raising children

紫外線(しがいせん) ultraviolet rays

摂(と)っています taking (vitamins; protein; etc.)

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