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Getting in shape and staying healthy isn't just to feel better now, it also increases the change one can live longer. Japanese have the longest life expectancies on earth. Today, Yumi shares a few of her thoughts about how she plans to live longer.


水筒(すいとう) canteen; water bottle; thermos

グビグビ in loud gulps (drinking)

水分(すいぶん)をとる to take (drink) liquids

意識(いしき)し始(はじ)める to begin to be aware of; becoming aware of; to be conscious of

平均寿命(へいきんじゅみょう) life expectancy

排泄(はいせつ) excretion (poop or pee)

手(て)を借(か)りる to get someone's help; to ask for help

生活習慣病(せいかつしゅうかんびょう) lifestyle disease; disease caused by lifestyle choices

老化(ろうか)する to age; to grow old

若々(わかわか)しく保(たも)つ to maintain youthfulness

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