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Do you have allergies? Yumi lives in Florida and while she doesn't have bad allergies, the pollen season is bad. In Japan, however, people with allergies don't just have pollen to worry about but yellow dust from Mongolia called 黄砂【こうさ】 also.


花粉(かふん) pollen

花粉症(かふんしょう) hay fever; allergy to pollen

の季節(きせつ) the season of…

アレルギーがある to have allergies

幸(さいわ)いなことに thankfully; a good thing is

砂埃(すなぼこり) a cloud of dust or sand

積(つ)もる to build up; to accumulate

日本海側(にほんかいがわ) Western Japan on the side of the Sea of Japan

偏西風(へんせいふう) prevailing westerlies; prevailing winds blowing from west to east

モンゴルの砂漠(さばく) Mongolia deserts

PM2・5 atmospheric particulate matter with a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers; PM2.5

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