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Spring has sprung, and Japan is filled with pink-hued flowers floating in the air. Yumi shares a few of her sakura-related thoughts and memories.


桜(さくら) cherry blossoms

花見(はなみ) flower viewing; meeting others under cherry trees to enjoy talking and drinking while watching the blossoms.

満開(まんかい) full bloom

地元(じもと) hometown; local area

名所(めいしょ) famous places

川(かわ)のほとり river edge

川(かわ)の堤防(ていぼう) river bank; river embankment

並木道(なみきみち) tree-lined street

毛虫(けむし) catepillar

ソメイヨシノ Yoshino cherry; the most common type of cherry tree in Japan

早(はや)い者勝(ものが)ち first come, first served; the early bird catches the worm

本格的(ほんかくてき) seriously; for real; authentic; full-scale

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