【Japanese Expression: SOREWA SOREDE】WHAT DOES IT MEAN?| それは それで


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00:00 Introduction And A Question From My Listener.
02:15 Conversation Using “Kore, Are, Sore, Dore.”
02:59 Conversation example (1) Using “Sorewa Sorede” And The First Meaning.
05:54 Conversation example (2) Using “Sorewa Sorede.”
07:00 Conversation example (3) Using “Korewa Korede.”
08:22 Conversation example (4) Using “~Wa ~De” And The Second Meaning.
09:36 Conversation example (5) Using “~Wa ~De.” And The Third Meaning.
10:22 Conversation example (6) Using “~Wa ~De.”
10:58 Summary And Example Sentences.
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