News From The Drug War Front Podcast - 21.07.2020


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Aired 10:30am AEST 21.07.2020

News From The Drug War Front with Geoff Ward and Marion Watson.

Supported by: Canberra Alliance for Harm Minimisation and Advocacy and The Connection.

Recorded at: 2xx FM98.3 Community Radio.

This weeks guest is Rebecca Davey, the CEO of Arthritis and Pain Support ACT.

Having worked for Arthritis ACT for over 5 years as the CEO, she has been described on the organisations website as the teams ‘Go to person’ in terms of designing and initiating programs along with doing all of the background nitty gritty stuff.

​Rebecca has a background in nursing, as well as having worked with various other foundations.

Special thanks to 2xx FM98.3 Community Radio, a fantastic resource run entirely by volunteers which fosters support for the wider community, providing a platform to innumerable worthwhile causes, organisations and voices.

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