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News From The Drug War Front Podcast - 03.11.2021

Aired 10:30am AEST 03.11.2021

News From The Drug War Front with Geoff Ward and Marion Watson.

Supported by: Canberra Alliance for Harm Minimisation and Advocacy and The Connection.

Recorded at: 2xx FM98.3 Community Radio.

From 10:30am until noon on Tuesday November 3rd there will be a new edition of the radio show “News from the Drug War Front” brought to you by CAHMA, Canberra’s peer-based drug user organisation.

The next CAHMA Opioid Overdose Recognition and Response with Naloxone Workshop is scheduled for November 11th at the Early Morning Centre commencing at 2pm. For information or to book a place call Dave or Damo on 6253-3643.

- Our guest this week is Chris Gough, CAHMA Executive Director. With November 1st being International Drug Users Day, we will discuss some of the important issues facing our community in 2020.

- In local news, Marion McConnell, who in 1995 co-founded Families & Friends for Drug Law Reform, has written a piece entitled “My son died of a drug overdose. Our drug laws bear some of the blame”.

- On the national scene, we will discuss the piece by anonymous entitled “A heroin addiction during Melbourne lockdown: How my husband unravelled inside our family home”.

- In New South Wales efforts by the Greens to amend drug-driving laws have fallen at the first hurdle writes Martin Lane.

- In international news, the New Zealand cannabis referendum result has been released, sadly going down with 46.1% voting in favour of legalisation, and 53.1% against. “The problems caused by prohibition will not disappear by themselves. We cannot stand back and ignore those who carry the greatest burden of the current punitive approach: young people, and Māori. Inaction is not an option: the need for reform is as urgent as ever” said Tuari Potiki, Chair of the New Zealand Drug Foundation.

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