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Could Morality Really Come from Nature Itself? Moral Armor aims to wipe out moral confusion with a purely nature-based moral philosophy. Finding and living our highest happiness, individually and socially, depends on how closely our actions honor the pattern of life. Ultimately achieving world peace will rest on building a moral bridge between us all -- the aim of Moral Armor – to draw a deeper moral parallel between all men than has ever existed. Moral Armor offers Instant Moral Clarity by describing an easy to grasp foundation for good and evil, then explores how both sides operate across the Individual, Social, Artistic, and Institutional realms to provide a clear understanding of right and wrong spanning the full range of human action. Some listeners want advice on how to be a better parent and raise happy, confident children; how to be happy and feel younger; how to have better business relationships with your boss, partners, and work associates; how to have better personal relationships with families, better sex with the love of your life, and improve everyone’s treatment of you. Others want to gain a better understanding of political events and history so America is not condemned to repeat our darkest moments. What if you had a philosophy of life that integrated all of these desires in a mature and ethical way – one that could really be put to the test -- so you could be certain you were on target? I want to help you draw more love and sensibility into your life naturally -- with ease -- and find a mental and emotional home in this powerful new way to look at the whole concept of morality in everyday life. Then I want to see this new fulfillment radiate around you in ever-widening circles to ultimately change the world in an artistic projection of what America and all lands deserve to be. Dear listener, you are FAR MORE MORAL than you've been led to believe. It's time to wipe out your tension and fear, claim the credit you deserve, and come to bask in the sunlight of a stress-free, guilt-free life. So let's get started! Please subscribe and download my free itunes podcast series, and for instant commentary on news and hot current events, follow Ethics Underground on Facebook and Twitter. My first and second books, Moral Armor and The Care and Feeding of Freedom, are available on Amazon, including Kindle eBooks, and a series of Moral Armor video mini classes can be found on YouTube as well. Please leave a review on iTunes and likes on Facebook as it's the best way to share this new freedom. You can contact me through my blog at When in doubt, google, and you will find me. **This podcast series is brought to you by Bachelor Monkey!, an eBook exploring my swift journey into and out of the college jungle. It outlines how, during the economic collapse and recovery, I was able to complete a legitimate four-year degree in just ONE YEAR and three months. I cover how to get grants and financial aid, transfer course credit to the right kind of school, relating this fast and cheap strategy through the stories of my own adventure so that you or your loved ones can do it too! Visit for details.

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