New Food Order


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New Food Order is a podcast exploring the business of tackling our climate and social crises through food & agriculture

Through nuanced conversation and debate, we’re embarking on a learning and unlearning journey to unearth how we might design business and finance to have maximum positive impact for people and our planet.

We speak with leading farmers, entrepreneurs, execs, investors, and other stewards on key topics like:

  • Will plant-based, lab-grown meat, and regenerative agriculture save the world?
  • Is carbon neutral enough?
  • What are the most people and planet friendly business and finance models?
  • How might we best honor and learn from indigenous communities?
  • How might we avoid the unintended consequences of new innovation?

New Food Order is hosted is brought to you by AgFunder and Food+Tech Connect. The hosts are Danielle Gould and Louisa Burwood-Taylor.

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