The Sexiest Kangaroo Paradox in Crypto


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Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain and sort of a quiz.
Join host Benjamin Bateman, and score keep Dionne Amy Edwards, as we test our cryptocurrency experts Alexander Filatov, Joanne Eberhart, Antoine Morand, Vladamir Maslykov, and Noam Y, on their weird and wacky blockchain trivia.
Not the News - Have you been paying attention to this week's crypto news stories?
Craig Wright/Craig Wrong - Which statements are made up bollocks, and which ones did Ben think up? Can you tell them apart?
Play Your NFTs Right - How well can our panel sell? We find out as they pitch us some random and obscure NFTs, and ask them to speculate on the price!
And everyone's favourite tongue in cheek fast fire quiz round, Crypto Innuendo! 2 question, 1 answer, slide the together and well, you'll have to see what we get...
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