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Hey hey #Bitcoin #Shitcoin and nifty #NFT nosey parkers! Today, has been a day, as they say! But we have more breaking rumours and gossip for you to speculate and scratch your curious chins over than ever before folks... Terra 2.0 DATES + TIMES confirmed! BTC Decoupling Coin price analysis (not from Ben!) Crypto celebrity influencer naming ands shaming! (BIG SHAME ON A BIG NAME!) Bitcoin Jesus is back, maybe...? + The continuing Gonzo journey of Ben's ensuing madness and mid life crisis unfolding. If you're BAD and you know it HIT LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! And be a darling, be a buddy, be a free.... leave a comment telling Ben he's doing good and it'll all be alright! We're not sure he wants to here it, but he probably needs to!

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