NVMTS S3E2: She pulled her own cum stained rug


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Do you like cryptocurrency, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, and keeping on top of all the weird and wonderful happenings from the world of magical internet money?
Well, welcome to Never Mind The Shitcoins!
Benjamin Bateman quizzes our panel of super special subject matter experts on everything big in the month's crypto news, and tries his hardest to crack wise in spite of it all.

Guests ->

Amy Tom: Editor @Hackernoon!

Dionne Edwards: Dogmother of Dogami!

Eugene!!!!!!! (of course!): founder of Everscale academy!
Games ->

Non-Fungible News!

Who is more generous in a crisis: bitcoin or Ethereum?

Why is Gavin Wood (probably) a scumbag (and Justin Sunn definitely is)?

Who the fuck is Kevin?

Super Bowl Super Shill!

Crypto ads at the superbowl

Cramer's Crapshoot!

Traditional stocks not go up only?

Sex n Drugs n Blockchain Balls!

You know you love it, you dirty b.......

Who jizzed away more of their life savings in the end, the CumRocket King or CumInu ...creep?
Why is porn star Lana Rhoades ‘Non-Fucking Talking’ about her NFT project anymore?
+ more!

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