Fighting cocaine dealers with waterfalls: Bitcoin solves...this? NVMTS S2E2


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Welcome to NeverMind the Shitcoins, with your hosts, Benjamin Bateman and Dionne Amy Edwards! This week, in episode 2 of series 2, we put our expert guest’s crypto and blockchain knowledge to the test, as we dive into the weirdest Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoin news and play: Crypto (Not so) News, You know it's a Shitcoin when..., Ill-informed influencers, and, of course, Crypto-Innunendo!
This week's guests: Susana Selles (Host of the Say Yes to Fire Podcast), Joanne Eberhart (VP of Marketing and Communications, TON Labs), Noam Yemini (Developer and cryptographer) and Mark Feldman (Free TON ambassador).
If you like in-depth DeFi discussions, sincere NFT talk, aping alpha ICO chat, market trading analysis and financial advice, this isn’t the show for you, sorry. But if you’re as barmy for blockchain as we are, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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