Prosopagnosia - The Struggle With Face Blindness


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On episode 97 we talk with Fleassy Malay about prosopagnosia, commonly referred to as “face blindness.” What are the symptoms? What can you do to lessen the effects, and how can you enlist the help of your friends and colleagues? Fleassy is a TEDx speaker and viral poet, is the host of the new “Fierce Gentle - The Courageous Voice Podcast,” and deals with the challenges of prosopagnosia every day.

ABOUT THE GUEST - Fleassy Malay is a two-time TEDx speaker and viral poet. She’s a global advocate for women’s rights, LGBTQI+ visibility, and a fierce voice for the power of authenticity and courage as a social change tool. Founder and CEO of Melbourne’s acclaimed Women’s Spoken Word organization and monthly event, Mother Tongue, she has guided the voices of thousands of women into the world.

Fleassy studied at the famous London stage institution The BRIT School, which was also the source of talents such as Amy Winehouse, Adele, Kae Tempest and more. She now writes and presents regularly to her online community of over 20k followers with poetry, talks, and opinion pieces. In 2017 she published her book, Sex and God, and in 2018, launched her album of spoken word, Unhear This. In 2020 she successfully crowdfunded her latest book Virago: A Poetic Manifesto.

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