Introducing The Hall: Honoring The Greats of Stand Up


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The Hall honors the lives and careers of the greats of stand-up comedy, and serves as a companion to The Hall: Honoring The Greats of Stand Up special, streaming on Netflix May 19th. Each of the four episodes of this inaugural season will look at a different comedy titan. Episode One explores the work of George Carlin – his obsession with words and the joy he took in repeatedly poking the eye of authority. Episode Two looks into the brilliance and longevity of Joan Rivers – not only one of the best comedians ever, but a pioneer who opened doors for many women comedians of today. Episode Three is about Richard Pryor who changed comedy forever with his gift for storytelling and his stark honesty on stage. Episode Four is about Robin Williams whose riffing, stream-of-consciousness stand-up is unique and beloved.

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