Ep 9: The Power of Pilates with Adriana Rotella


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A lifelong lover of all things health and fitness related, Adriana Rotella was constantly searching for ways to optimize her own health. After reading about Pilates in a fitness magazine, she tried out a few sessions and noticed how much it relieved her back pain. She was instantly hooked! Noticing friends and family struggling with the effects of poor eating habits and lack of good form when working out motivated her to become fully certified. With a passion for living a healthy and active life and a strong drive to help those around her do the same, Adriana’s career was born. Tune in to hear more about Adriana’s journey into the fitness and nutrition world and what she has learned about the importance of prioritizing self-care. She also shares the types of fitness and nutrition plans she creates for her clients, explains the differences between Pilates and Yoga, and some of the trends she has noticed in the fitness space, but the main message listeners should take away from this conversation is that movement should feel good! It’s not about trends, it’s about feeling comfortable in your body and enjoying movement and that, according to Adriana, is what she wants to be remembered for.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What prompted Adriana to become a Pilates teacher after she fell in love with it herself.
  • Becoming a nutrition coach was also inspired by personal interest and the birth of her son.
  • Balancing her business and having a family by prioritizing and practicing self-care.
  • Some of Adriana’s self-care practices – like sleep and eating nutritious food.
  • The individualized fitness and nutrition plans that Adriana creates for her clients.
  • What kind of clients she works with, from 28-years-old to 75-years-old.
  • The difference between Pilates and Yoga, the main one being that Pilates uses machines.
  • The benefits of inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.
  • While Pilates uses breath, it doesn’t extend to the breathwork practice of Yoga.
  • How to become a Pilates instructor: the steps one needs to take, especially during COVID.
  • Some trends Adriana has noticed, such as implementing multiple simultaneous modalities.
  • Adriana strongly believes that movement should feel good, not follow a trend.
  • How instructors like Adriana are fostering personal connection during the pandemic.
  • Adriana’s plans for the next five years are responding to the great shift 2020 has brought.
  • Why Adriana wants to be remembered for how she makes people feel.

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