Ep 6: Self-Care is the Best Healthcare with Dr. Alan Chong


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Practicing self-care isn’t always easy. Most of us are busy, have stressful jobs, or are too consumed with technology to make time for ourselves, but self-care is actually an important part of keeping our bodies strong and less prone to injury and disease. In this episode, Stephenie Farrell and Karen Hong are joined by Dr. Alan Chong, also known as The Spine Coach. Dr. Chong has been a practicing chiropractor for over 33 years and is the Owner and Director of the Centre for Chiropractic Care and Clinical Director and Principle of the Calgary Spinal Decompression Centre. His living legacy is the launch of his new podcast, Practice Mastery for Chiropractors. Listeners hear Dr. Chong’s advice for improving posture and strengthening immunity. He also shares his personal self-care regimen, explains why he believes chiropractic treatment is the most misunderstood profession and asserts the importance of viewing health as a continuum with certain points of no return. Tune in to find out more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What led Dr. Chong to decide to become a chiropractor.
  • The origin of Dr. Chong’s moniker and brand, The Spine Coach or The Spine Doctor.
  • The types of hands-on skills and equipment Dr. Chong uses in his practice.
  • Dr. Chong talks about his goal to train other practitioners to be spine experts.
  • The kinds of patients Dr. Chong treats, from common aches to chronic back pain.
  • The number one tip for those who wish to improve their posture: Keep your head up.
  • Why Dr. Chong thinks chiropractic is the most misunderstood profession.
  • What Dr. Chong would like to change in the world – the importance of strengthening the body.
  • Health is a continuum and there are points of no return – self-care is the best healthcare.
  • Dr. Chong’s personal self-care regimen, from yin yoga to cooking and eating clean.
  • His appearance on Masterchef Canada, why he wanted to compete.
  • Dr. Chong’s favorite meal to cook and why he chose a lifelong hobby of wine.
  • Moving forward from big health issues and deciding to live life differently.
  • What Dr. Chong would like to be remembered for – being a health influencer that cared.
  • The Practice Mastery Podcast, the content Dr. Chong has created for it, and why.

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